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Talétalé or banana fritters

Talétalé or banana fritters

  Print Talétalé or banana fritters This is an Ivorian recipe but banana beignets or fritters are eaten in different African countries, with or without hot pepper sauce, hot or cold. They are firmer than European beignets or fritters but they are very tasty and children love them. Course Dessert, Snack Cuisine Africa, Ivory Coast, Vegan,

Hot pepper sauce from Cameroon

Hot chili peppers

Print Hot pepper sauce from Cameroon This is a Cameroonian recipe for hot pepper sauce. This recipe can vary depending on the region and families. You can prepare a larger amount and in portions pepper sauce in small pots freeze. The refrigerator is hot pepper sauce for about a month. But it loses its heat and

Mikate or congolese fritters


Print Mikate or Congolese fritters Mikate or Congolese fritters are made of plain flour and eaten at parties, as street food, hot or cold, sweet or savory. Mikate is the plural in Lingala, the singular is mokate. They are also prepared in other parts of Africa: puff-puff in Nigeria, bofrot in Ghana, kala in Liberia and

Mafé or chicken in peanut sauce


  Print Mafé or chicken in peanut sauce Chicken in peanut sauce is a dish with a delicious creamy sauce. In Senegal it is called mafé or maffé. According to Wikipedia, the dish is from Mali but it is prepared everywhere in Africa.Serve with rice. Course Main Course Cuisine Africa, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Poultry, Senegal

Pondu or saka-saka

Pondu or saka-saka

Print Pondu or saka-saka Pondu in Congo or saka-saka in other African countries is a vegetable dish that can be compared to spinach. It is prepared with chopped cassava leaves found in the freezer section in African grocery stores and sometimes canned in supermarkets. Pondu is eaten as a vegetable side dish. Course Sauce, Side Dish Cuisine

Fried makayabu


Print Fried makayabu Makayabu is an African salted fish. The name makayabu comes from Lingala, a Congolese language. There are different species of salted fish but for this recipe I prefer cod. Course Main Course Cuisine Congo, Seafood Cook Time 20 minutes Servings 4 people Calories 212 kcal Ingredients 500 g makayabu frying oil Instructions Preparation: to

Pilav rice

Pilav rice

Print Pilav rice Pilav rice, also called pilaf or pilau rice is a recipe from the Middle East and Central Asia. In Senegal it’s called Thieboudienne, Wolof rice or ceebu. It is widespread in Africa and accommodated in different ways. You start with sautéing the onions and getting the rice pearly in oil before adding the broth.