Vanilla ice cream


Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream is a refreshing and sweet dessert. 

This recipe is quick and easy, blend the ingredients without cooking. 

You can use condensed milk (Carnation, Gloria...) or cream, but with cream it will contain more calories. In both cases the ice cream is very smooth and creamy.

Course Dessert, Ice cream
Cuisine Vegetarian
Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 3 hours
Servings 4 people
Calories 229 kcal


  • 400 ml condensed milk or cream
  • vanilla extract or vanilla sugar
  • 100 g sugar (to taste)


  1. Blend all ingredients

  2. Knock or mix until all sugar is dissolved
  3. Place in the freezer
  4. Every half hour: mix the ice with a fork to prevent crystal formation.

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